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Nachdi Sham , a showcase put together by the Shan-E-Punjab to let every student shine, and express their talents. It's full of entertainment, giddha, bhangra, skits and malwai giddha. All the students who are a part of Shan E Punjab Arts Club will be performing there (over 450 performers). There will be students performing who have recently joined Bhangra and others who have a lot of experience.


Fundraiser by Shan E Punjab Arts Club helt at Royal King Palace. All proceeds go to BC Childrens Hospital.The night will be started with special performances by Shan E Punjab's award winning bhangra and Giddha teams, and then kicking it off to the dance floor to dance the night away. Don't leave the kids home, you can come out with the whole family as this is a family event. Packages available for reserving the whole table  or simply buy individual tickets and share tables with other amazing people. 


Folk Rang is a celebration of culture and tradition. This event is a unique theater show which showcases the traditional folk dances of Punjab. It is a collective endeavor by Shan-E-Punjab Arts Club to preserve and promote the folk dances in their authentic form. Now a days, everyone assumes that there are only two types of folk dances of Punjab - Bhangra & Giddha. However, our organization wants to educate the public about the various folk dances that have been a part of our heritage and culture. Some of the folk dances that are presented at this show include Bhangra, Giddha, Luddi, Jhoomar, Malwai Giddha, and Sammi.


Vaisakhi is t festival of happiness, joy and celebration of the start of the harvest season. So this makes it the best time to give back to the community. Shan-E-Punjab promotes Punjabi culture as well as fundraises for the Pingawara orphanage. These fundraiser take place during the Vaiasaki Nagarkirtan parades in Vancouver and Surrey. Together we have raised over $10,000 every year.


With our goal of preserving Punjabi culture and heritage, Shan-E-Punjab brings you BACK 2 LIVE! A live concert featuring local talent! Stay tuned for tickets and more information! 

For sponsorships get in touch! 

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